Ebook: THE PROFESSIONAL RECRUITER’S HANDBOOK, Delivering excellence in recruitment practice

Ebook: THE PROFESSIONAL RECRUITER’S HANDBOOK, Delivering excellence in recruitment practice

Posting : 25 Mar 2016
Ebook: THE PROFESSIONAL RECRUITER’S HANDBOOK, Delivering excellence in recruitment practice

Real success is finding your lifework in the work that you love.’ David McCullough, US biographer and historian

This is a book for professional recruiters. Recruiters who love the job they do. Recruiters may get frustrated with their job, stressed by it, need a break from it at times, but ultimately are fascinated and driven by it and its rewards and want to keep on getting better and learning more from it.

Eleven years ago McKinsey conducted a survey throughout 56 companies in the US and identified ‘The War for Talent’. In 2000 this was updated and it was found that, despite the economic slowdown and the end of the dotcom boom at the time, the war for talent was simply intensifying.

The success of any organization in a knowledge-based economy is increasingly dependent upon the quality of the people they are able to attract, recruit and retain. Yet, it is only recently that the crucial role the recruiting industry plays in enabling businesses to secure this important competitive advantage is becoming recognized and the management of talent being seen as an important professional discipline.

‘Any organization that does not take recruitment seriously is cutting its own throat. It must be a top priority for any business,’ says Steve Crabb, Managing Editor of Personnel Today magazine. Yet recruitment continues, for the most part, to be carried out in an ad hoc manner with little emphasis on the importance of developing a recruitment strategy and skilling-up recruiters, either internal or external, to deliver this crucial competitive advantage.

For many recruiters in-house or in external recruitment consultancies, there is still little practical help available on how to do a great job. Many recruiting organizations provide initial training on the recruitment process but there is rarely anything more detailed to refer to after the training event. Tips and advice can be picked up from more experienced consultants ‘on the job’ but there has been to date no reference handbook, no guide and no structured ‘how-to’ book available. Furthermore, there has been no resource for managers to use with recruiters, new or experienced, to help them support a guided learning process of continued professional development.

This book provides practical guidance, best practice and the underpinning theory of best-practice recruitment. Each chapter is packed with case studies from a top recruiter or human resource professional in the recruitment industry so you can learn what works for both recruiters and their clients. Alongside both of these are suggested tasks you complete to support your own learning as you work your way through the book. You’ll learn how to attract and approach new candidates and clients, along with how to manage the recruitment process from start to finish to ensure success.

As recruitment becomes ever more important for a business to achieve its corporate objectives, recruiters must continue to raise their game, delivering new and innovative solutions, but also just doing their job really well and professionally and achieving the results needed for their clients.


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