Lowongan Kerja di Wahana Intan Nusa

Wahana Intan Nusa

Lowongan Kerja Wahana Intan Nusa
Alamat: Jakarta Pusat, Kartini Raya, komplek taman kartini raya no 64/10
Situs: www.winresources.biz
Tipe Perusahaan: Outsourcing

Deskripsi Perusahaan:
Established locally in August 2008, Wahana Intan Nusa (WIN) Resources was born as a family business, wholly owned by Jono Koesmo and his family. Initially, the company's main focus was to provide Financial and IT Consulting, whereby the major projects were including IT Security Policy and Audit Framework for many well-known listed Bank in Indonesia. Furthermore, WIN Resources was taking part as the Senior Advisor for two consecutive years for companies whose field in Automotive and Finance Industry. Such financial services, including due diligence, special audit, accounting, system and procedures, and tax services are also professionally provided in our team.

In 2003, WIN Resources broadened its business scope to Direct Marketing by having Clearance Department, and followed by Credit Card Agency Division in 2004. Two years later, the company even expanded further its reach to Resources Area, which supplied the Human Resources with additional Financial Services. Now, we have more than 600 and 500 people working full time and part time respectively on our payroll with approximately 40 professional employees.

Throughout our past experiences and coupled with an ability to effectively match your skills with a right job opportunity, WIN Resource is a perfect solution for your ideal job!

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