Lowongan Kerja di Rotterdam Comunity Solutions

Rotterdam Comunity Solutions

Lowongan Kerja Rotterdam Comunity Solutions
Alamat: Jl. Jurang No. 51 RT 003, RW 005. Kelurahan Pasteur, Kecamatan Sukajadi, Bandung 40161

Deskripsi Perusahaan:
Rotterdam Community Solutions (RCS) www.rotterdam-cs.com is a company based in Rotterdam, Netherlands. We are a growing company that provides digital solutions to companies who want to bring together large groups of people through online communities. We create high quality and often extremely innovative applications that we believe could help people running their business in a better way.
Our development teams are based in Argentina and Indonesia. This allows us to offer our customers almost 24 hour support and we are front leaders in low cost online application development. Rotterdam Community Solutions (Rotterdam CS) is a project partner in care, logistics and the public service & government industry. The core expertise lies within facilitating solutions with custom made software for self organizations.
We are part of Almende Group (www.almende.com) and we have three sister companies. They are:

Sense Health (www.sense-health.com)
At Sense, we provide technology that is capable of generating context awareness from many sensors. Our main focus is on creating trend setting solutions that offer coaching and support for mental healthcare, domestic violence, heart diseases, family care giving and employee vitality.

Deal Services (www.dealservices.nl)
DEAL Services is a spin-off of the research company Almende. The foundation was laid in the research project DEAL (Distributed Engine for Advanced Logistics, 2002 to 2007). Almende brought together a group of knowledge institutes and relevant parties in the logistic market. Together they investigated new ways to make logistics more dynamic and flexible, through ICT tools.
ASK Community Systems (www.ask-cs.com)
Ask has been working for more 10 years of intelligent software. The applications that originate from these promote communication between people. To do this, the network that forms used ASK people with each other. The applications are always multi-device: working from your computer, smartphone or tablet.

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