Lowongan Kerja di PT.Samindo Electronics

PT.Samindo Electronics

Lowongan Kerja PT.Samindo Electronics
Alamat: Bekasi International Industrial Estate Jl. Inti III blok C8 No.02 Cikarang-Bekasi 17550 Indonesia
Situs: www.samindo.com
Tipe Perusahaan: Direct employer
Sektor Industri: Elektronika / Semikonduktor
Ukuran Perusahaan: Besar (250+ Pegawai)

Deskripsi Perusahaan:
One of the TOP PROVIDERS of EMS in Indonesia.

Currently PT. SAMINDO Electronics is a good provider of Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) based in nearby Jakarta Indonesia. PT. SAMINDO Electronics is trying to become one of top EMS providers. And we are listed successfully on the main board of our customers.

PT. SAMINDO Electronics has distinguished itself for credibility and service more than 15 years.

Our consistent ability to move strongly ahead in line with key trends in the electronics industry has given an acknowledged market reputation as a provider to world leaders in the field.
PT. SAMINDO Electronics is poised to scale even greater in growing EMS market by demonstrating the relevance of its business model, its core competence, and its rigorous standards for even fuller range of production capability.

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