Lowongan Kerja di PT. Asadel Mediautama

PT. Asadel Mediautama

Lowongan Kerja PT. Asadel Mediautama
Alamat: Jalan Bumijo Kulon JT I/1048, Jetis, Yogyakarta
Situs: www.refresh-mediatama.com

Deskripsi Perusahaan:
It takes creativity to be different and to be easily
spotted among the crowds. But that’s not enough. To be
easily spotted and being the first choice, you also need to
be the most effective, joyful and efficient to the targeted
market’s need and perception. Those are the four pillars of
being different and “the chosen one”: Creative, Effective,
Joyful and Efficient, CEJE.

“Ceje” has also the meaning of “being different” in
Javanese and has become our spirit, a group of young talented & passionate people who have found our path in the creativity & marketing communication work under Refresh!

Mediatama (Asadel Mediatama, PT). Established on 2007 in Yogyakarta, the center of Javanese culture, we strive to
be the best integrated marketing communication service
by being “ceje” to you, being the most creative, effective,
joyful & efficient choice among others.

That’s the reason why some reputable companies such
as Yamaha Indonesia Motor, Astra Honda Motor, XL Axiata,Bentoel International Investama and Bank Pembangunan Daerah (BPD) DIY, have trusted us to work for their marketing communication needs. Now, we are also longing for a chance to make you different and the chosen one through our CEJE integrated marketing communication service.

Under the Asadel Mediatama Group (AMG), a business
group engaged in various businesses. In addition
to the creative industries, AMG with legal
entities: PT. Asadel Mediatama, is also involved in
the MICE industry, the management of automotive
competition, and also the application of renewable
energy technologies.

Established since 2007, AMG has a vision to
become a respected group of creative business and
excel at the local, national and international. The
vision is to be achieved by making the creativity as
a motor as well as driving wheel of every thought
and activities using every available sources we
have. Thus, resulting in useful and positive impacts
to our stakeholders and our life itself.

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