Lowongan Kerja di Orange Hotels & Villas

Orange Hotels & Villas

Lowongan Kerja Orange Hotels & Villas
Alamat: Jl. Goa Gong-Banjar Shanti Karya, Ungasan, Kuta Selatan, Bali, INDONESIA
Situs: www.orangehotels-villas.com
Tipe Perusahaan: Direct employer
Sektor Industri: Hotel
Ukuran Perusahaan: Sedang (50-249 Pegawai)

Deskripsi Perusahaan:

Creating brand new concept smart business hotels and villas with strong character and definite standard


Building a smart hotel chain in Indonesia


IDEAS : Innovative Dynamic Effective/Efficient Accountable Sustainable


"Colour Your Business"

Business is not supposed to be just plain boring grey. We believe that business was supposed to be an exciting circumstance where all people could inspire each other and extend each others' capability for one common goal.

This is where OHV come forward to offer business owners and investors to have exciting moments in each steps of the way. We will in infuse colours to your business partnership with us, inspire you to enliven business model into state of the art walk of pride and profit

Orange Concept

If you are looking for the perfect investment for money with definite income, hotel business investment is a perfect choice for investor because hotel business is considered to be the safest investment. It combines land investment which will always increase in price and profitable hotel business on top as the added value.

Among the flourishing hotel business, business hotel is currently a green pasture to most hotel investors. This is due to major growth in Asian business, particulary in Indonesia, in which would lead to the increase of economic power of lower class citizens and exponential growth of middle class citizens. Income raise and increasing number of business traveler is a huge opportunity for hotel business to get a kick start and provide accommodation for this type of travelers.


As more middle class citizens doing business and travels, medium level business hotel is an excellent choice to start a hotel business. It has shorter time for development and therefore earlier start off, less investment necessary in comparison with higher class hotel and faster return on investment.


Orange Villas is one unique concept that combines leisure and business in one seamless business villa accommodation. It is specifically designed as a base camp in doing business. Located in strategic location and pleasant environtment, Orange Villa provides its guests with comfortable place to freshen up body and soul, thus enabling the guests to be creative to generate new business ideas.


OHV is a rock-solid team of dedicated people in hotel industry. It doesn’t matter whether you are new in the hotel business or already has experience with hotel industry in the past, our highly experienced team could assist you in building international standard hotel.

Our outstanding team will sit with you to discuss meticulous details of your needs and provide a personalized solution to your new business. We would provide you range of service starting from business concept, advisory in choosing location, getting necessary license, technical assistance in hotel development, standard of procedure of daily activities, up to maintaining healthy cash flow.

Our passionate team is ready to work 24/7 to ensure that your business run efficiently while maintaining quality standard on daily basis.


Our services are divided into major category, that is pre-opening tasks and post-opening tasks. The first crucial task before opening a hotel is finding the right location for your business. It the most basic necessity for every property business and we are confident that we can help you with location through our extensive location database. After finding the best location for business, we would present you with business and financial projection so that you could get into this business in highest confidence. We could also help you in business license acquirement process as a mandatory requirement. We would also give consultation regarding technical and construction plan to ensure that the building is according to agreed initial concept. We would always giving guidance all the way up to the final phase of handover between building project and hotel management.

Post-opening tasks involves building up a standard operating procedure (SOP) as well as handling the daily operational management to make sure that your business runs smoothly for steady income. As a token of our accountability we would also present you with transparent operational reports so that you could experience how your investment grow with us. Finally as all business must evolve, so is you OHV business will also need to evolve. Our team is always ready to give you advise for business development so that your business model will not go old-fashioned, but instead will keep up to date with the most recent circumstance.


OHV offers wide range of services to our partners from the first step of business planning to the day to day operational details as well as transparent report system. We are aiming to make you feel safe and comfortable with your investment, minimize investment risk and being at ease with this new hospitality business. Invest with us and rest assured that you are in good hands.

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