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Yayasan Cerdas Bahasa
Yayasan Cerdas Bahasa
Alamat : Gajah Plaza 6th floor Jl. Gajah Mada Plaza No. 19-26 Jakarta 1030 Indonesia.

Deskripsi Perusahaan :
-----GLOBAL LANGUAGE CENTRE----- We are Yayasan Cerdas Bahasa in the brand name as Global Language Centre is a language centre that provide English, Mandarin, Korean, Japanese, German, France, Spain, Italy, Dutch and Bahasa Indonesia (for Foreigner). Since we have those languages in one place, so based on our motto as one - stop learning language. -----Our Vision : CARE----- - Commitment, it means we have commitment to our students as the client, to our teachers and our staff as the general. - Acoountability, it means we responsible to our goal and our progress and keep work in good environment. - Respect, it means we respect to students, our staff and all environment as general. - Excelent, it means we provide excellent service and excellent learning environment. -----Our Mission:----- - Providing one-stop-learning language -----Our Motto:------ - Completing student to globalization era through language -----Why is Global Language Centre Indonesia (GLCI)?----- - What is Global means : Global means we are hug and reach all level people, from any ages, social and group of people. - What languages means: because it is a plural context, of course our place provides more than one language. - Centre: : It means that we are one-stop-leaning language, so anybody wants to learn language, just come to our place, so they can learn more than one language. - Indonesia : As the big country and the heart of South East Asia, Indonesia now develop as the fast growing country. -----The Aims of Global Language Centre------- - To teach to the best of our ability - To teach start fromvocabulary and simple grammar structures until the highest level. - To provide a positive, encouraging athmosphere - To build the students self esteem - To use activites that the students enjoy, thereby making learning fun and giving the students motivation to learn - To provide fun activities which give the students a desire and a need to communicate. To give the students some awareness of a different culture
Lowongan Kerja

Guru Bahasa


Lokasi : DKI Jakarta

Guru Bahasa Inggris, Jepang, Korea, Mandarin, Jerman, Belanda, Spanyol, dan Itali


  • Able to teach kids until adult
  • Able to work in team
  • Have passion in teaching
  • Able to make lesson plan and material planning
  • Able to handle small classroom


  • Maximum age 30 years old
  • Graduated from Literature of Language Study
  • From any major but have overseas experience in those languages speaking countries
  • Minimum Diploma
  • Get minimum GPA 3.00
  • Full Time is preferable and fresh graduates are very welcome
Tanggal Pasang : 19/03/2014 Kategori : Pendidikan & Pelatihan
Pendidikan : Lokasi : DKI Jakarta
Terakhir Melamar : 01/04/2014 [Expired] Telah dilihat : 1150 kali

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